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"Your art has brought my family and I great joy! The healing potential in your artwork is universal and immense -

of which words cannot describe. My daughter is a soul mate of yours, and I say this because your illustrations are a

perfect mirror to her thoughts. She is 11 years old, has a nervous disorder, separation issues, trouble sleeping, and is

overweight. I share this news with you because I know that she was brought into this world, so that through my relationships, love, and outreach on her behalf, I could help bring her soul healing.YOUR art has touched her life in

such a positive way, and carries deep within it a profound spiritual message, an appreciation of herself, connection with nature, love of all creatures great and small, and a passion for the beauty found in living. This level of healing is nothing short of magical, and it is more than I could have imagined might be possible..."


"Your work is all about peace, and truly transcends words and time. It is international and full of adventure,

romance, playfulness and whimsy. I love the natural Healing environments you embody, and I can practically breath

in the oxygen from the trees when I look at your glass sculpture "Illumination II: Wholeness Harmony and Healing".


I feel honored to know you - as you are a gift to so many people - the world - and to me.

E.W.  |  San Fransisco, CA