During my travels to Greece, I spent endless hours walking from village to village, with a multitude of heart-warming encounters with the inhabitants from various farmhouses, cafes or villages that I came across during my journey. One very hot and sultry day,
I had traveled for miles and could see a small village with its looming stone buildings nestled into the hillside. I hiked up the steep hill, and found myself in a magical place, resplendent with vibrant teal shutters, open air markets abundant with delectable fruits and legumes, and was welcomed by doves that cooed their welcome, perched high above upon the tiled rooftops. I then came across a robust, jovial, elderly woman, with a toothless grin from ear to ear, that offered me a sumptuous ripened peach from her beautiful basket of peaches. It was an incredible gift of which she will never know, that of her generosity and kindness, especially on such a hot, steamy day. We shared stories, drank a cup of cold mint tea, and enjoyed the camaraderie of two woman who
came from different parts of the world, but somehow of the same heart.