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Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota • St. Paul Campus

Fanciful Flying Machines in the Sky


Four giclées with etched

glass faces 


Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota - St. Paul Campus • St. Paul, MN

Developed and managed by Andy Zaid of Creative Collaborativ, Inc., for Aesthetics, Inc.


Whimsical and sophisticated, “Fanciful Flying Machines in the Sky” will appeal to both the child and adult – with vibrant and tantalizing images that a child may see in real life, or can imagine in the sky.


In the triptych being represented, nature’s creatures (such as dragonflies, birds, lightening bugs, and bees) morph into imaginary flying aircrafts – with small pulleys, wheels, ropes and propellers facilitating their floating and fluttering through the sunlit and evening sky. The art further reinforces the theme of “Sky” with different times of day and night being represented - with a colorful sky transitioning from sunrise to sunset, then an evening sky —with a moon, stars and planets within the universe. Natural elements (also pertaining to the healing power of nature - such as clouds, trees, flowers, and the sun) will act as grounding elements — giving a sense of vastness and freedom, as the objects float and soar through the sky.


The fourth panel (to be developed) will continue the story from the last panel in the triptych (with the evening moon), expanding into the Galaxy – with magical flying machines, planets and swirling stars to whisk children away to a fantastical world of fun and discovery.

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