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Fine Art




Lisa’s rich creativity and imaginative works of art, express her insatiable love

of people and travel, sharing their intriguing stories -  along with the colorful tapestry of patterns, symbols, color, and textures of their lives and culture. Throughout her travels over the years (to Turkey, England, Scotland, Jamaica, Mexico, France, Greece, Italy, and Belgium) each of her extended visits

to those countries resulted in volumes of photographs, stories, sketches, and research to aid in the development of her paintings. Lisa has developed unique techniques in her paintings that provide brilliant color and depth -  capturing the essence of their experience, and environments. Her media ranges from acrylics, Windsor Newton Inks, to pastel and accents of gold and silver leaf.

All artwork appearing in this Web Site site is the property of Lisa M. Syverson and is protected under United States and International copyright laws. The artwork may not be reproduced, stored, or manipulated without the written permission of the artist.