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Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota - Minneapolis Campus

Stars, Beamz ®

& Ribbons - Children's Hospital Skybridge as a Gateway to Healing



The Stars, Beamz® and Ribbons project was conceived in 2010 by Creative Collaborativ, Inc. for Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Andy Zaid (Developer and Project Manager), Lisa M. Syverson

(Artist and designer), Jerry Riopelle (musician and inventor of the Beamz®) and Bob Guenter (GlassArt Designs) brought together art, glass, and music to create an experiential public artwork on the Skyway between Children's Hospital

and the Clinic.


Walking across the skybridge gateway, we invite all those who pass through to participate

in a creative interactive experience of music, color and light. The passageway consists of playfully swirling glass stars, with undulating ribbons while music softly plays from the Beamz®. Each person can join in and “Play the Light” of the Beamz as they move between instrument stations along the south windows of the skybridge.


The Glass Stars (created in two sizes) use the shape of the Children's Hospitals and Clinics

of Minnesota stars,

using the various glass fabrication techniques - including color staining and painting, molding, carving, sandblasting and etching. The swirls within each star, which are a combination of color representing the seven colors of light, act as a metaphor of transfor-mation into wholeness and healing. The stars float across the windows in the natural light of day, playfully casting shadows which dance across the SkyBridge. This creates a sense of positive, up-lifting energy - inspiring health and healing.


The Ribbons, the

forms influenced by the swashes in the Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota stars logo, are made of brightly colored powder coated steel rods. They undulate in waves, connecting the stars and Beamz® stands, creating a visual flow, and representing the journey on the path to healing.


Music and the Beamz®:

The Beamz® is a musical instrument that everyone can play and enjoy. The 5 music compositions that Jerry Riopelle and David Yackley have composed have been developed to create a stream of calming music that are comp-lemented by sixteen different instruments

as light Beamz. When children and adults "Play the Light", they break the light paths (safe low powered lasers) creating unique and harmonious compositions. This universal music combined with the Stars and Ribbons becomes an extraordinary experience - rich in discovery, learning, and healing.


Our hope is that the Sky Bridge will act as a gateway experience, bringing light and powerful healing energy to the patients, families, and staff of the hospital, and can be shared with the community at large.


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The beamz® are a patented product and a registered trademark of Beamz Interactive, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.• Copyright 2011 Creative Collaborativ, Inc.


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