Provence in Summer....a symphony of Cicada's humming a monotonous chorus, coming to an intense crescendo at dusk, camouflaged amongst the olive branches, and, with only the slightest movement, give their curious audience a brief glimpse at their coveted hiding places.

During my visit to the balmy South of France, I stayed in an enchanting Chateau near St. Remy, surrounded by lavender bushes and swarming bees, entranced by their rich fragrance. I took my evening walk down a winding gravel path and came across a magnificent sunflower field, radiating its golden warmth for as far as the eye could see. The scene and spirit of the moment embraced me, and, feeling like an adventurous child, I took the opportunity to dance through the tall, languid sunflowers, facing
the horizon in unison as the sun set, only changing direction with the dawn and a new day. An azure sky, swirling, twirling clouds, playing against the warm soft light of dusk and the rich green hues of the majestic Cypress trees...a farmhouse in the distance, seemingly abandoned, a quiet and peaceful playhouse for the swallows who darted and played about its rooftop, adding to the tapestry of the iridescent evening sky.