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Each of us experiences and explores life unique to our own individual journey.


My sojourn has taken me on a path of wondrous learning and travels that have taught me how to use my creative gifts,


not only for my own self discovery and development, but to touch the lives of others in a deep and meaningful way. I give


through sharing my passion, creativity, and personal stories (both mine and others) that have deeply infl uenced me, which


I express through the colorful tapestry of images I create. Through multiple dimensions of light, form, and color, my paintings,


photography, and digital transformations capture how  I interpret these personal experiences and my unique vision of the world,


and the interrelationships of our human experience.


My hope and aspiration in these creations is that I can bring a deeper level of awareness, inspiration,


as well as health and healing, to all those who share in the experience of my artistic journey.


Enjoy the journey.....

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