■  S E L E C T S P E C I A L P R O J E C T S C ON T I N U E D

Camp Stone Fundraising Product Cover Illustration | Sugar Grove, PA
Full color mixed media illustration for the covers of Kosher chocolate boxes to fund scholarships for underprivileged children.

ChicagoSpeaks Cover Illustration | Chicago, IL
Digital illustration, Identity logo, prototype for new Chicago magazine.

University Lake School Fundraising Campaign | Hartland, WI
Concepts, design, photo selection, cover illustration, project management for fundraising campaign collateral.

Guideposts: Spirit Led Women | Seeking God’s Favor, Pray Your Heart Out & A Lighthouse to Call Home Paintings
Three full color, mixed media, illustrative paintings.

Ford Motor Company Centennial Celebration Cover Design | Detroit, MI

After The Fall | Sangria de la Noche, Vermont Harvest Moon, Fruit of the Vine, Mimosa d’Amoré Paintings | Washington, D.C.
Concepts and four illustrative paintings, product names, design, project management, production for four non-alcoholic beverages.

After The Fall/Smuckers | Cola-La Product Labels | Washington, D.C.
Concepts, design and illustrations for two decaffeinated Cola product labels.

The National American Baptists Conference | Missions Posters and Children’s Book | Chicago, IL
Design, concepts and full color illustrations for five posters and a 32 page educational coloring book.